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DurzllaHeads up, The Hunt is On! event may be postponed due to some IRL events getting pushed back.
MooNiezGood luck with The Hunt is On tonight!
MooNiezStated in the February 7th we were going to start the WvW Wednesday event on the 21st. We are going to have to postpone this event for a couple of weeks more. RL obligations in both Frankenberg's and my life. Thanks for understanding.
MalenekaniGW2 25% OFF Path of Fire From Feb 14 to March 7.
GW2 25% OFF Path of Fire From Feb 14 to March 7 - Dulfy
GW2 is having a 25% OFF Path of Fire Standard and Deluxe when you purchase it Feb 14 to March 7. To get 25% OFF Path of Fire (Standard and Deluxe Edition), you will need to use the...
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MooNiez   Thanks for this Helle I have a couple of friends waiting for this!
MooNiezJust saying hi! Happy Valentine's Day!!
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DurzllaAdded an event for February 17th to do some bounties around 16:00 (4pm) Central time!
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Vex   Sadly I'll be at work.
MooNiez   Sounds fun! Good luck you guys!
MooNiezI will be back in game a little more this week. RL took over-for a few days. In Texas now for a couple of weeks but getting settled in. See you all soon!
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MooNiezWe are going to start a fun event on Wednesdays right after reset. WVW Wednesday. We will go out there and cause some mild chaos and antics. It will run every other week starting the 21st of this month. More info to follow very soon and if you have any questions please ask Frankenberg. He will be handling this event. Tonight we are gonna do a trial run if you want to join us!
Frankenberg   And no guarantees that it's shortly after reset tonight. It may be slightly later.
MooNiezDuring the lunar new year you can buy 3 Divine Lucky Envelopes with your guild commendations! Map shows who and where to get them!
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MooNiezWow we had a great turn out today for gms!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week and remember that at reset we are always around on ts to chat and kill our favorite dragon!
MooNiezThanks for the fractals tonight it was fun! It is nice to see that fractals for dummies is coming back! Have a great week!
MooNiez~Don't forget fractals for dummies tonight. Or lets just say our new members!~ I do not believe they are dummies at all!!~
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