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MooNiezShout out to Legion on Guild Missions! It was nice to be able to get some done. Just a friendly reminder that they do them at 8:30 pm pacific time on Fridays! They are more than happy to have us join them!
Vex   Just keep in mind that if you do them on Friday, you wont be able to get additional rewards on Sunday with Vanquish.
MooNiez   and also the fact that some people its hard to make on Sunday there is always that so having a couple of times each week is good!
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FransSpring FashionWars contest. Organized by The Spud Club
Fashion Wars "Spring Celebrations" What is Fashion Wars? A c...
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MooNiez   Are you entering Frans? lol
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MooNiez   That is awesome Trev hugs!
Vex   Many thanks my friend!
Sevanna Trev   np happy to help and it looked a little low
MooNiezThe site looks great!!!
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Vex   Still some work to be done here and there.
MooNiez   It still is really good Vex! smiles
Frans   I agree, it looks pretty good.
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FransNeye! Have you seen this new Karka farming spot?! :p
PSA: Sandswept Isles introduced a fairly decent Karka Shell ...
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FransWe can sit in chairs now, and there is even a achievement to sit in all the chairs. You get the title Armchair Commander! :d
We can sit in chairs now! * r/Guildwars2
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Frans   It even has a reveal video. lol
MooNiez   yay!!! FINALLY
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VexDaylight Savings is this weekend. Clocks move forward one hour for NA time zoned people. As such, GM's will be an hour earlier for EU time zoned people (I think???). Haha
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MooNiez   lol so no clue what time that would be for me yet again!
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