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UrzenHad my fill of GW2 for now. Going to take a break. o/
Vex   Playing all night? :p
KisaI'm stuck at work at the moment, so I might be late for the raid this evening. Just a heads up.
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VexI am aware of the TS issues. I've contacted the server host.
Vex   No fix in sight right now. We'll temporarily use the Discord server. Please continue to use TeamSpeak once the servers are restored.
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VexBe sure to have Cragged Vale Waypoint in the Domain of Vabbi zone unlocked by 11 AM PDT Sunday to join on the guild hall capture. We will be starting at 11 AM sharp.
Vex   I'll be there about a half hour early for people to use Teleport to a Friend stones if running there becomes too difficult for you.
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VexRemember to keep spoilers away from main chats. Tag your forum posts with a spoiler tag if you wish to discuss!
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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Launch Trailer
The launch trailer for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire ™ is here!...
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Malenekani   Great Trailer.
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